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Presented by State Library Victoria

Change the cliche

With great ceremony the knight knelt offering the lady his sword "My lady" he began " I offer you my sword and life" "Ha" she said "No need for extremes, I only need the sword" and with that, grabbed it. Collectively the throne room gasped. The sea of people shifted as...

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Blank pages

Why do blank pages haunt me? They are the high and the low of my day How can a simple thing control? How can I be sitting here Staring at the nothing of dead trees   But this thing, starts when you do An idea Something so simple, so complected   After the idea That's when thinngs get started You can see...

I don’t know and that’s ok

I don't know There is no need to feel inadequate When you can't see your future There is no need to understand these crashing waves of information About school classes, prerequisites and university   I don't know But that's ok Maybe you don't  know, maybe you do There is enough people doing what they do just because So find something...