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Change the cliche

With great ceremony the knight knelt offering the lady his sword “My lady” he began ” I offer you my sword and life”

“Ha” she said “No need for extremes, I only need the sword” and with that, grabbed it. Collectively the throne room gasped. The sea of people shifted as she ran to the castle stables. In the darkness of the stables she pulled on a pair of breeches, much more suited to riding than the dress that she was wearing. She then collected her trusty steed Balthazar and rode out onto the crowded streets. Many looked her way not used to seeing a princess with a sword. She carefully sheathed it in the scabbard at her side, her plan falling into place perfectly. Balthazar was slightly hampered by the bundles on his back but she would be able to get a pack horse soon. However in the confines of the city even one horse was crowded. Horses weren’t uncommon though and she blended into the markets in the shadow of the castle. The gate wardens nodded as they saw her, expecting her arrival. She flipped them both a coin for keeping the gates open after curfew. And so, in the light of the setting sun the princess started her quest to rescue the dragon from the knight.



This is brilliant!!!

6th Dec, 17

Love the plot twists!

12th Apr, 18

Thank you! :D

14th Apr, 18

Cool, I love it too. You have great potential as a writer, thegreengirl... if you want to be one. :D Keep it up.

22nd Jan, 19

In reply to lozza

Thank you! It is my dream to become an author!

23rd Jan, 19

I have a feeling Celaena Sardothien would like this girl

28th Apr, 18